Olive Drab IS the New Black

Posted by Jayson E. on

“This Season We Saw More Olive Drab Than Ever...” - Vogue 

The Olive Drab color, for the better part of the last century, has been embraced by both the military and in everyday fashion wear. This earthy shade of green, rooted in military heritage, is the original color of combat and a widely worn camouflage uniform shade during the Second World War.

"There's An Entire Subculture Of Menswear Comprised Of Guys Who Collect Vintage Army Surplus Gear: Field Jackets, Utility Trousers, Beat-Up Camouflage Coats, etc..." - Vogue
From our M-65 Jackets to our BDU Pants, this trend goes beyond the pigmentation - people associate Olive Drab with the cut and style of classic military wear. (Think big cargo pockets, thick zippers, drawstrings, patches, and overall fit)
Rothco's large collection of Olive Drab is the diverse range of apparel and accessories for both the solider and the street-wearer who is looking to represent the look and feel as someone in battle.

Vogue.com recently released an article on Fall 2020 trends and it sounds like OD will continue to keep its boots on the ground.

"Maybe It's The Look's Inherent Genderlessness That's Making It Feel Fresh Again; Most Of The Vintage Surplus You Find Is Men's To Start With, But The Label Is Beside The Point When You're Shopping For Old Fatigues..." - Vogue
Olive Drab a tone that has gone beyond the military world and into the land of fashion where you can find OD jackets and pants on every block you walk.